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(policy interpretation) tomorrow, farmers will make you envious

Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the "implementation of rural comprehensive reform pilot program", and issued a notice to carry out pastoral complex construction pilot, decided from 2017 onwards in the provinces to carry out rural comprehensive reform pilot, the pilot rural complex. The related content of specific policy, Department of agriculture, the Ministry of finance comprehensive rural reform office of the State Council, responsible comrades before the interpretation.

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Pilot experiments on rural comprehensive reform were carried out in 6 provinces
Relevant person in charge, to carry out comprehensive rural reform pilot, mainly through integrated policies and measures to promote rural linkage, sinking into the village, to promote rural reform in depth development. The main contents include improving the rural governance mechanism, improving the village collective economic development mechanism, building the mechanism of farmers' continued income increase, and establishing the rural ecological civilization development mechanism in four aspects. This year, select Shandong, Anhui, Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shaanxi and 6 provinces, each province select two counties (cities, districts), each county select a certain number of villages to carry out pilot.
At the same time, encourage the pilot provinces in light of the actual situation, with reference to the spirit of this notice, arrangements for the other 1 - 2 counties (cities, districts) in the province to carry out comprehensive reform pilot at the provincial level. If the experimental results are good, and meet the policy requirements, the future can be considered into the national pilot range. The pilot provinces may consider the basic work of rural reform, organizational leadership, representativeness, typicality and other factors to choose the pilot list.
The central government grants appropriate subsidies to the provinces that carry out pilot experiments. In the provinces that have made remarkable achievements in the reform, the central government will continue to grant awards and subsidies, in principle, not more than three years. Relevant support policies and support funds should be focused on pilot experiments to ensure the use of pilot work. Local financial departments at all levels to consider the scope of the pilot, the pilot content, promote the level and other factors, adopt capital integration, Yijiangdaibu, government and social capital cooperation, co-ordination and integration of relevant financial support.
The responsible person said, to promote the rural comprehensive reform pilot work, is to implement the central rural work of major decisions and plans, but also promote the agricultural supply side structural reform, promote the beneficial attempt to the development of the rural reform, to foster the development of agriculture and rural areas of new energy, has important significance to social padded short board.
Pastoral agriculture oriented complex pilot
To carry out the pilot "pastoral complex is a new work, the pilot must be in accordance with the" Wenzhongqiujin "the general work guideline, first, carefully and steadily push forward the country, do not blindly expand the scope of. To refine the work tasks, the implementation of job responsibilities, to ensure that the pilot work on a good start, a good step." Relevant person in charge stressed.
At present, the willingness and enthusiasm to carry out pilot work in various areas are high, but in the process of promotion, special attention should be paid to adapting to the phased needs of rural development, and the laws of rural development and the laws of market economy should be followed. Not beyond the existing conditions of development and contrary to the wishes of the peasants.
To carry out the rural complex pilot, we must adhere to the "agriculture oriented", to protect farmland as a prerequisite to enhance the overall agricultural production capacity. To keep the rural pastoral scenery, protect the green mountains and rivers, realize the ecological sustainable development; to ensure the participation of farmers and farmers to benefit from the steady income, allowing farmers to share the fruits of development, get more sense. Let people feel that agriculture is a promising modern industry, farmers are enviable decent jobs, and rural areas are good homes for livable industries.
To carry out the rural complex pilot, we should carefully select the pilot areas. In accordance with the "government guidance, market players" principle, select farmers cooperative organizations, improve the development potential of the pilot areas. For the "agricultural oriented" is not prominent, the project layout and format development failed to integrate with agriculture, or to non-agricultural industries as the leading industries, are not allowed to be included in the pilot range.
It should be pointed out that, to carry out the rural complex pilot, we should take market investment as the main body, actively innovate financial support, and encourage social capital to standardize, orderly and moderately participate in the construction of rural complex. To strictly control local government debt and village level organization debt risk, we can not increase the debt burden. The Ministry of Finance jointly with the relevant units and departments, tracking research and supervision to carry out the pilot pastoral complex of the country, found problems in a timely manner to correct and improve the relevant policies and measures to ensure that the pilot line without deviation.

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