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Change "eat agriculture" for "economic agriculture"

Outstanding quality and safety of agricultural products, improve agricultural profit growth ability, the transition to local conditions, classification advance, what.
Hunger breeds discontentment. As far as agriculture is concerned, grain growing and grain holding are always the first. In recent years, the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of farmers to grow grain. Our grain production has been continuously improved since the beginning of the new century. Last year, the grain output reached 12324 tons.
However, at this stage, China's grain production is basically "eating agriculture"". On the one hand, it is absolutely safe to maintain grain self-sufficiency and grain rations; on the other hand, although grain grain income has increased year by year, compared with the income from work, the benefits are still low. Of course, the new type of agricultural management, as a result of the transfer of arable land, there is a certain scale, so the growth of grain income is considerable.
"Eating agriculture", as its name suggests, is basically to meet the demand for food through grain. With the advancement of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, the food and agriculture consciously joined in the transition from "eating agriculture" to "economic agriculture". This is a sign, China contemporary agriculture toward new height transformation of this transition, must adjust measures to local conditions, classification advance, what.
"Economic agriculture" is different from "eating agriculture". First of all, it is the pursuit of continuous innovation in the mode of agricultural production. Recently, Zhejiang launched the "new farmers" action plan, in the next 3 years, will cultivate 30 agricultural innovation leader, which some people can apply for a maximum financial subsidy of 15 million yuan. In addition, the Zhejiang agricultural credit Guarantee Corporation will provide each project with a policy guarantee of up to 15 million yuan. Launched the "gold content" policy is so high, through the innovation of comprehensive agricultural development funds and the management pattern, in view of the current agricultural "new farmers" of the core competitiveness problems, play a guiding role of financial funds for agriculture in modern who lead, who will manage the breakthrough on many difficulties.


 Adapt to market demand, plan more profitable, structural adjustment. As soon as the agricultural products come out, they are faced with domestic competition and international competition. With no characteristics or quality of popular agricultural products, the natural benefits are lower. As corn prices fell, Jilin Province, Jiaohe new town, five villages, large grain farmers, too, raised the idea of structural adjustment. This year he on his family farm to corn acreage cut down, planting dates soft. This kind of fruit tree enters the fruit period after 5 years, and the net income per mu can reach 20 thousand yuan.
Promoting green development of agriculture. Pay more attention to the resource conservation and environment friendly and ecological conservation, improve land productivity, resource utilization, labor productivity, agricultural high efficiency, saving income. This summer busy season, around the promotion mode of green technology to promote high yield and high efficiency, chemical fertilizer, pesticide reduction efficiency, accelerate the development of water-saving agriculture. The scope of water-saving wheat varieties nationwide expanded to 40 million mu, an increase of about 20000000 Mu over the previous year.
Building more agricultural brands and promoting agricultural competitiveness. The establishment of agricultural brand has become a key link in the reform and development of agriculture and rural areas, and the central No.1 document has made clear requirements for the construction of agricultural brands for three consecutive years. We should focus on the construction of regional public brand, enterprise brand and product brand, and implement classified guidance. All types of new business entities are thinking of playing their own brand, from Longjing tea to Wuchang rice, from Jinhua ham to Mengzi pomegranate, big and small, numerous, agricultural brands are in full swing.
It should be noted that "economic agriculture" must highlight the quality and safety of agricultural products, and must improve the ability to increase agricultural profits. The former is the foundation, and the latter is the result. The quality and safety of agricultural products to improve relations with the people's livelihood, although China's agricultural products quality and safety situation is stable, but the problems and potential risks still exist, must be firmly to the safety of agricultural products in the shoulders, the moment can not relax.

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